The idea for Kaneisdi came about after I contacted some of Canada's New's agencies with regards to my legal research in exposing the Quebec Governments medical fraud, I was asked to 'prepare it for them.'

It was the fall of 2005, and a few months earlier the Quebec Administrative Tribunal had given me the keys to unlocking its participation in this conceived fraud that was put in place in 1978 within Quebec's no-fault insurance program, the SAAQ.

On November 1, 1998, at the stroke of midnight (at least within minutes of it) I became a Victim of a Crime under Quebec law. So twenty years after Quebec implemented its no-fault insurance program, I would be on a path to the discovery of either one of the greatest acts of fraud against a citizenry or exposing hundreds of incompetent doctors and government employees who were willfully destroying thousands of lives.

I decided to publish my story on my own. First I needed to make sure to catalogue the data from the legal judgments I had already reviewed, then I researched how many people had been affected by this government program. My research would involve reviewing over 7000 legal decisions that I inputted into a database program I created. At the click of a button, I was able to identify the doctors and the decisions where they were hired by the government to prepare a medical 'expertise.'

So then it was Ontario's turn, I had moved to Ontario and was able to have my disability recognized, which is quite the story in itself, and as I was finishing my online reader, I would fall victim to the corruption of Ontario's Social Justice Tribunal's. 

All my professional life as a consultant in the Federal Government I have stood up to the waste of taxpayer's money; you know a whistle-blower. To this day in 2018, the same corruption and lack of action and experience that I experienced twenty years ago, has resulted in the Phoenix Pay System and the Canada.ca failures.

This story with the other books I am publishing are documentaries into my life dealing with our governments; the thing is I audio recorded all the corruption that I faced.