I thought back in May 2018 when I posted about my lawsuit with the Ontario government, it's done. I had been working on a theme for 3 years but the world changes and my idea that I thought was funny back then, not so much anymore.

So I had to change my site’s design and the title of the Ontario book and when I mentioned my book‘s old title to a neighbour, I realized that I did not consider how Google, Bing or even Yahoo index a website.

Well, it turns out there are professions that deal with ‘landing page’ design and search engine optimisation (SEO) and lucky me I would have to study these principles to ensure that I could get my message out and initiate change to help people.

So first up was the landing page, the first thing you see when you go to a website. Well, that turned out pretty good or you would not be reading this and it was a drastic change from my original ‘dark‘ concept.

Search engine optimisation was a lot of work and reading numerous blog posts on the subject I found myself thinking ‘maybe in a year my website will be on the first page of Google‘s or Bing’s and yes Yahoo‘s search results’.

Nope, I was on:

  • Google‘s first page of over 7 million results when I searched for ‘quebec medical fraud’.
  • Bing‘s first page of results when I searched for ‘quebec medical fraud’. Yahoo‘s first page of results when I searched for ‘quebec medical fraud’ but that seems to have changed and it’s because Yahoo sucks.

So, I’m an SEO God.

But with time and the way Google’s index works, I have ended on page two sometimes; I know it sucks.

With the Quebec election, I found myself overwhelmed with Facebook comments and people asking for help, which I tried to give the best advice I could in dealing with a corrupt system: ‘Tell them to 🖕’.

So I needed to organise my time to answer questions, post articles and write my books and maintain my ten software applications.

Well, it turns out there is another profession that has evolved from the internet and social media mix: Social Media Management.

In reviewing the sites that offer these services and the associated costs, I figured I could create my own to save money, which is what I did.

So I now had the tools to ensure I could properly manage my sites and get content published on a scheduled basis to get you the information to help initiate change.

Well, Freedom Mobile pissed me off and now they will be investigated by three government agencies, plus my lawsuit.

The condo corporation where I live is next up and is being served this week (Jan 20, 2019) with a hundred page document and over 200 images and audio and video of their targeted discrimination towards me and a single mother.

So with all that, I decided to change the website again so that the articles I post are front and center and the site will now have media content to make you go ‘WOW Pierre you awesome’.

There is more work to be done but I am almost never finished.

So to the people who have been following my Facebook pages and/or my website; Thank you and sorry for not posting the past few months.

If your new to this; Welcome.

To everyone; ‘Let’s shake things up and make a better future for everyone’.


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