Meagan Williams and Emtiaz Bala: The Fraud Documents

July 2013: I filed a claim with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against the Ottawa office of the Landlord and Tenant Board.

June 2014: I beat a defense of judicial immunity, what a judge says you can't sue.

Counsel Meagan Williams of the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario did not advise her only witness Jim Murchison that there was a recording of him prior to the hearing.

Meagan Williams did no preparations with her witness and Jim Murchison was caught perjuring himself during the hearing.

At the last minute on February 24, 2015, Counsel Meagan Williams and Counsel Emtiaz Bala of the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario filed seven color glossy documents, here is page five.

They fabricated their new story not realizing they had a recording for nine months that shows this is a conceived act of fraud of over $5000.00 under Canadian Law perpetuated by the Attorney General's Office of Ontario and the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario, after I beat them in the first hearing.

Fact #1: All documents and evidence for the hearing had to be filed 30 days in advance.

Fact #2: On January 23, 2015, I filed every form the Landlord and Tenant Board uses for public filings and stated 'Find me the word disability on theses forms'. They only cared about English and French services.

Fact #3:On January 23, 2015, I filed the Landlord and Tenant Boards Policy on Accessibility and Human Rights, which states:

'Where it is necessary to provide a person with individualized accommodation, the Board will provide it, up to the point of undue hardship.'

1- They cited costs, The Supreme Court of Canada stated very clearly they cannot site costs, unless they are extreme, under $1000 is not extreme.

2- They had a large caseload, every hearing I have attended has shown abuse of process by the Adjudicators who waste the time of people waiting to be heard. You will clearly hear this abuse in the published book.

Fact #4: Look at the date at the bottom right-hand corner '10/02/2015'. For fourteen days they withheld this fabricated evidence since I embarrassed the complete managerial structure of the Social Justice Tribunals.

Canada Post?

DHL Express?




Fact #5: Read what they wrote at the top of the page.

1- It takes an extreme amount of time to login into a computer system, fire the idiot that wrote the system and build a new one. The time lost waiting justifies it.

2- Meagan Williams and Jim Murchison both stated that I was at the counter from 9 A.M. just past 10 A.M. with Jim Murchison who was caught lying at the first hearing.

Estimated timeline of the day in question, facts taking from the recording of the hearing on June 26, 2012.

9:05 A.M.: Arbitrator asks me to take off my hat. I respond the lights affect my health.

9:40 AM:My lawyer and a landlord go to the front counter.

9:55 A.M.: Adjudicator calls my lawyer's name, I respond he's at the front counter.

Minutes before 10: My lawyer and the landlord return, the landlord is heard on the recording saying to the Adjudicator 'The woman working at the counter is holding a date for us, should we go back and confirm?'

In the newly designed online book, you will see how Vice-Chair David Muir violated the Rules of Natural Justice and numerous Supreme Court of Canada decisions. Through emails and court documents Vice-Chair David Muir did everything to allow this fraud to happen and lie in his decision.

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