Elections change administrations.

Deanna Bell commented on Monday, June 4, 2018 on Facebook kaneisdi: Thank you for this! We get the governance we tolerate. Democracy is not a spectator sport and if we do not give direction to our representatives the lobbyists will.

The people we elect have no clue to what is happening below them in the ministries they are appointed to.

They are doing the big picture thing and when you complain in a letter to them; they hand it off to the employees who in a lot of instances will protect each other.

The last two projects I worked on for the government of Canada in 2001 and 2002 are a good example of this behavior.

During the 2001 project, I discovered that an employee and a female contractor were taking three-hour lunches when I needed information from the employee, half of her billings were paying for an affair that continued for over a month.

When my contract expired, I filed a complaint in a letter to the Minister and it was a friend of the project manager who investigated and he showed no interest in my complaint has he commented to his colleague ‘You know it’s Sid in IT’.

In 2002, the last project I ever worked on because of my disability, on my first day after I reviewed the project source code, I gave my project lead a Microsoft document showing the project would fail and he ignored the document.

I discovered that he and the project lead for the database, both were consultants, were getting drunk during their lunch breaks and Friday afternoons were a drinking fest at the pub.

Management fired me for reporting the drinking during work hours and after I left, I found out that when it came time to hand over the project to the testing group; it failed miserably.

This behavior by government employees occurred with Kathleen Wynne who was the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for the Ontario government, she was responsible for the proper administration of the Residential Tenancies Act.

I wrote to her in 2012 about the abuse and illegal acts at the Landlord and Tenant Board that I faced and the extreme laziness and incompetence of her investigative staff.

The investigative unit lost an Xpresspost envelope for two weeks between the basement (I guess that’s where the mail room is) and I think it was the twelve floor.

When it was handed to an investigator, he could not tell the difference between my one page complaint that pointed to the second document which was 59 pages of lies by landlord Adrian Sunter of Ottawa. I linked each lie by Adrian Sunter to audio, video or image evidence on a website I created for the investigation.

I also told her I was working to publish this book, this is after I walked the streets of Ottawa talking to people about what happened at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

If you look at Wynne’s letter at, she cc’d Michael Gottheil who was put in charge of the new Social Justice Tribunals in 2011.

The person running the Landlord and Tenant Board since 2005 was Dr Lillian Ma.

Ten years after Dr Lillian Ma took the position of Chair of the Landlord and Tenant Board, four years after Mr. Gottheil started at the Social Justice Tribunals, I discovered in the forms the public uses at the Landlord and Tenant Board that If you had a disability and needed to make a request for accommodation; you had to search their website to find a special form.

For my lawsuit before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, I filed every form the Landlord and Tenant Board uses with the public and I said ‘find me the word disability on these forms’, they only cared about French or English translations services.

Three months later, every form was replaced allowing people with disabilities to not have to go searching through their website to request that ‘I have needs that need to be addressed’.

I filed the forms within hours of the Attorney General's lawyers, Megan K. Williams and Emtiaz Bala, filing their defense with the Human Rights Tribunal.

Without advising the Tribunal or myself they changed what they were filing and fabricated events and printed color glossy screen images of employee activity, not realizing they had a recording that shows it was all lies.

The Tribunal in its decision, would lie about the recording and violate over 200 Supreme Court of Canada decisions.

In Quebec, the Tribunal administratif, the government prosecutors and the Collège des médecins all ignore the internationally recognized standards on concussions.

This is a well documented fact that I will be exposing over the coming months through posts like these or in my book.

The only way to start change is to get an understanding of the corruption, that’s what I try to do in my books.

I try to make you laugh or smile while guiding you through the facts and your rights. All the while exposing these lawyers and employees for their corruption using their own actions and words.

Collectively, we can change things but we have to understand what to change and how to change it.

To give direction to our representatives, we have to know what we are talking about and then acting together take action.

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