Is this Canada's most discriminatory condominium property management group?

This post is part of a series that exposes the people and companies who ignore the Ontario Human Rights Code (Code) and abuse the people they target in complete ignorance to the Code.

This post deals with the targeted discrimination of the Condominium Management Group located at: 335 Catherine St. Suite 101 Ottawa, Ontario

The post has changed dramatically from the original and is a work in progress.

On February 1, 2019, Ian Davidson president of the Condominium Management Group received a letter detailing the targeted discrimination by his employee Property manager Scott Smith and board member Don Leger that started in August 2016 and continues to the day that you are reading this.

In 2008, the Ontario government recognized that I was a person with a disability under Ontario law.

In August 2016, in a conversation with my neighbor we explained to Don Leger how her back rain spout was blocked and when it rained at all hours, because of our disabilities we both sleep at various hours during the day, the noise would wake us up.

Don Leger’s response was ‘when they clean the gutters, we’ll have them take care of it’. Thinking it would be within the next couple of weeks, I accepted that has a resolution. Turns out it was the end of November, this was the first violation of ‘undue hardship’ under the Human Rights Code.

An example of Ian Davidson and Scott Smith's ignorance of the law is an email where Scott Smith replies to my email of March 02, 2017 because of the noise from the rain spout and it was here where I first realized the priority to condo property over the rights of people with disabilities.

So, on March 03, 2017, Scott Smith replied:

Thank you for letting me know that you use the court system to address your concerns. I relay on the Condominium Act and would suggest that you take the time to read the document before issuing threats of legal action. Eavetroughing is not normally repaired in the winter for obvious reasons. The work order has been issued and the work will only be completed when the contractor deems it safe to work on the troughing.

Any further condominium issues are to be sent to your landlord, who I will deal with for any future condominium issues. Your landlord has been blind copied on this email.

Well, if Scott Smith would not ‘RELAY’ on the condominium act and rely upon it, he would know that:

In Ontario condominium corporations are obliged to comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code (the “Code”). Section 2(1) of the Code provides that every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to occupancy of accommodation without discrimination because of disability. As compliance with the Code has priority over the condominium documents, condominium corporations are required to make reasonable accommodation up to the point of undue hardship for disabled residents. This means that conduct that is otherwise prohibited in the condominium declaration or rules may be acceptable in some circumstances in order to accommodate a disabled resident.

See Accommodating Disabled Condo Residents.

Or even better see Human Rights Policies - Does your Condominium Corporation have one?, to which the answer is ‘NO’.

On June 15, 1962, the Ontario Human Rights Code was put in force has the ‘law of the land’ and was the first law of its kind in Canada.

Unfortunately, those who are bound by it, either it ignore it in the hopes they never face its consequences or have terrible lawyers who know nothing of the domain and obligations of their clients.

This is the case with Ian Davidson, he has never taken his obligations to the Ontario laws he is bound to with any seriousness. The following are the laws with links to articles describing the violations by the Condominium Management Group.

Ontario Human Rights Code

1. CMG Ottawa: Is this Canada’s most discriminatory condominium property management group?

The Ontario Condominium Act

The Condominium Management Group failed to act expeditiously in ensuring the unit is repaired in a timely manner.

1. CMG Ottawa: Is this Canada’s most discriminatory condominium property management group?

2. The Rot Within: CMG: Ottawa’s Condominium Management Group

The third law violated by the Condominium Management Group will be published once the complaint is filed which because of the events detailed in ‘The Rot Within’ was delayed so that I could create the new publishing format.

The goal of this letter was to inform Ian Davidson of the pending legal action in which I detail the infractions with close to 200 images, videos and emails that cover just over two years of abuses and I mock him because of the effects on my health that his employee Scott Smith did not care what his actions were doing.

On November 1, 1998, I became a victim of a crime under Quebec law because I saw two women in fear of their safety and body flipped whom I believe were their boyfriends who were fighting.

A third individual with a past of unprovoked attacks, started assaulting me when I could not defend myself.

I still suffer the cognitive injuries and developed PTSD from the medical fraud I discovered the Quebec government has used against its citizens for over forty years.

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